Pride Without Reason

600.04Question: What pride is considered to be negative?

Answer: When I am proud without any reason. I do not bring others to the goal, I do not bring them closer to it. And what am I proud of about them? The fact that I am who I am? But it does not depend on me. That is why pride is not personal.

Comment: Let’s say I am proud that the Creator created me this way.

My Response: And why did He create you? What are you doing with it?

Comment: But I also somehow made an effort.

My Response: This is another matter. You made an effort to be a special person.

Now the question is what makes you special? By the way you behave toward other people and toward the Creator, you can evaluate yourself.

Man himself has nothing to be proud of. In the process of studying Kabbalah, he understands that all his negative and positive properties are given to him from above, and from above we are given an analysis of how to use them correctly.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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