Individuality That Does Not Contradict Equality

600.02Question: In your blog, you wrote: “We are not able to tolerate equality, to measure it. It does not exist for us at all. We understand what it means to be above or below others, but where equality begins, we lose sensation. Therefore, the balance is given from above, as the middle line, and comes along with the revelation of some upper force.” What does it mean?

Answer: There is nothing more contrary to our nature than equality because then the individuality of each person is erased. One cannot tolerate it.

There are people who get used to it and enjoy equality, like, for example, soldiers in the army. But at the same time, there must still be some specific goal related to education. Soldiers in the army are just soldiers. They must fulfill their mechanical function, and in this, they move toward a goal that is common for them.

If we talk about the development of society, about how to move forward toward some ideal, then we cannot make sure that all people will be absolutely equal. We are not going to make everyone a soldier because then society would simply freeze and not develop.

Therefore, we must give people the opportunity to show their individuality so that everyone has an equal chance to develop independently and give everything to society.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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