How To Perceive The Ten?

528.02Question: I keep thinking about how can I find a more comfortable ten, a more charismatic one. I am not happy with what I have now. Such thoughts come when we have a workshop and my friends do not inspire me. What should I do at this moment?

Answer: I am sorry to hear such things, this is very sad. We should perceive the ten as a divine phenomenon of the structure of a complete, ideal universe. The fact that it seems to me that this one has crooked ears, that one has a crooked nose, this one is cross-eyed, that one is asleep, this one needs his IQ tested, and so on, means that this is not a ten, not if I see my friends in this way.

I mean, it might be a ten, but I am not in it. It would be better if I leave it.

Question: Does it depend on a person, on the root of one’s soul? Or does he just see everything in this way, as black?

Answer: He can see it in this way. But, on the other hand, he must gradually bend himself, even in a physical way.

Let us say that you are now among the nine friends, and you are the tenth one, then lower your head below your knees and sit like a horse that lowers its head. Now try to do it not physically, but internally. Try to accept that everything that is in you is terrible, ugly, and everything that is in them is perfect.
From KabTV’s “Teacher—Student” 2/7/19

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