Be Proud To Be A Worker Of The Creator

538Question: Can I be proud that I find the strength to do good deeds for people? Or was it the Creator who gave me the strength to do them?

Answer: You answered your own question.

In fact, the correct analysis will lead us straight to the Creator. Therefore, if I understand that I am connected with Him, that He gave me strength and mind and directed me to the right action, then I am proud that He gave it to me, that He did it through me. He is inside me and rules everything.

Question: If He does all this, then it turns out that there is nothing to be proud of at all?

Answer: There is: the fact that in your group you create conditions for a correct system so that the Creator will correct the rest through you. You are the machine, the mechanism through which He corrects everything. And you are proud that you are a worker or a servant of the Creator.

Question: So I am like a conductor and He is like electric current that passes through me?

Answer: Yes. But you must make yourself that way. From absolute egoism you must reach such a state when the Creator sculpts anything He wants from you, and you annul your “I” and be ready for anything He does to you.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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