Why Can Kabbalists Lie?

628.1Question: Do Kabbalists ever lie?

Answer: Yes, but only for the sake of unity, in the name of achieving a special goal.

In our life we lack an understanding of what the highest standard is, i.e., the purpose of nature that created us exactly like that.

The goal is to lead us to absolute unity with each other, so that we all are as one common whole. Moreover, I must see this common whole, understand its laws, customs, motives, and thus educate myself.

As Baal HaSulam writes, the individuality of each person is preserved and, at the same time, you aspire to the common whole.

Question: Does the common whole mean some common goal, common truth?

Answer: The common goal is unity because, according to Kabbalah, we reveal that in this way we become like the Creator. It is in our common unity. Everyone is different and everyone is united.

Question: There are no examples of unity in this world, so it is difficult to understand what it is. Is this some sensory attitude toward your neighbor?

Answer: Yes, the attitude of “love your neighbor,” when I put his desires above mine. “Love your neighbor as yourself” makes a person an element of a common whole, and through this he begins to feel the Creator.

Question: Is this state achieved by a certain number of actions performed by a person?

Answer: Yes. Nullification of yourself, the vision that society is higher than you.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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