Unification Is A Trend Of Nature

632.3Question: Internally, we are constantly moving away from each other. We see that egocentric thinking grows all the time and manifests itself in different situations.

Have we reached the end point of social distancing or will we continue to distance ourselves from one another before we start to unite? What is the trend of nature?

Answer: The tendency of nature is directed toward absolute unification of all people; therefore, it forces us to get closer to each other all the time. No matter how much we want to distance ourselves from each other with our egoism, nature, on the contrary, will push us together, and force us to come closer until we understand that this movement must be heartfelt.

Question: There are two trends here. On one hand, nature, which fosters selfishness in us, alienates us from each other. On the other hand, the same nature pushes us toward unification. Does nature have two forces, as it were?

Answer: Naturally. These are the egoistic forces that are at the basis of our world and the altruistic force is the force of attraction, mutual love, and bestowal, which is at the basis of the spiritual world. Both forces, especially in our time, are increasingly manifesting in us.

It is good if we understand where this is all leading and begin to walk along with nature. In this case, we would not feel contradictions, problems, or blows of fate.

If we do not want this and act only in accordance with our egoistic strength, then we will have many problems including all kinds of wars, problems with viruses, like now, and so on.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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