Toward Unlimited Perception

592.03Question: You say that the upper world cannot open to one person. This means that it is not perfect, but the spiritual world is perfect. What is the contradiction here?

Answer: No, this is not a contradiction. The fact is that the spiritual world is revealed in the correct sensation of a person. In our world, a person’s sensation is egoistic, closed, and limited. Therefore, we are simply not able to absorb the whole, enormous picture of nature.

We must make our perception unlimited, and for this, we need to learn to come out of ourselves. The exit from oneself is carried out in a group in which everyone can unite with others and thus create in oneself an unlimited desire to be fulfilled, in combination with others.

When a person, through unification with others, can expand his desires and capabilities at the expense of them, he at the same time becomes a real organ of perception of spiritual space, since it is not limited in any triaxial time frame. That is, it is a completely n-dimensional space. But how do you begin to perceive it? To do this, you need to adjust, to change.

Here a problem arises. We need to work on ourselves in order to create a sense of perception of the environment that would not introduce errors on the part of the perceiving person but would be absolutely correctly selected in his sensations: the object and what he perceives.

In other words, we need to reach such a level of perception where our sensation and the sensation of the world around us will be the same, equal. For this you need to work very hard on your egoism, get out of it, and rise above it.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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