The Idea Of Kabbalah

283.01Question: It is said that Abraham began to gather people around him and teach them about unity. Tens of thousands of people followed him. And, what does a person begin to collect within himself? Does he look for some support or some desires?

Answer: A person must gather all of his desires, thoughts, and impulses inside, and direct them to the Creator, that is, to one power, one goal, and one property—the property of bestowal. He does not work inside of himself, but outside of himself.

Question: If he sees, behind all the objects and phenomena of our world, not one force, but different ones, then does this mean that he serves different gods?

Answer: Yes. Each one of us, in this world, strives for some private, little goal and tries to achieve it. Such human work in our world is egoistic, petty, and empty.

The idea of Kabbalah is to change one’s egocentric perception of the world when I see all the forces separately into a holistic perception.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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