The Effect Of Feminism

627.2Question: What is the reason that feminism has dominated in the world for the last two centuries?

Answer: Feminism is the result of the fact that a woman has felt the need to develop and participate in the world. She has really developed to be no less than men. She can cope with everything maybe even better than men.

In general, competition between the sexes is absolutely unnecessary. At home, none of us competes to see who will be the best at arranging life and everything else. It is clear to us that a woman is capable of this beyond any competition. She can do such work at home in half an hour that a man will not be able to do in a day or, on the contrary, will ruin everything. That is how we are made.

Therefore, we need to know how and with what we can properly complement each other and, thus, build relationships with one another, especially in our time when we are already beginning to move away from the useless, completely unnecessary work that has filled our time. We will filter out absolutely everything that is unnecessary so that only the most necessary work will remain.

Then, we will need maybe 20% of the entire population to launch the whole system that will serve people and the world. All the rest of the time, we will only be engaged in providing for our inner needs and understanding how to unite and achieve the manifestation of the upper world within us. This, I think, will be very special and attractive for the new generation.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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