In Dialogue With A Higher Power

276.02Question: What can you compare the feeling of the Creator with? With what conditions in our world, with what feelings?

Answer: Everything that we feel now—the universe, stars, our planet, humanity, etc.—is in the power of some kind of force that permeates the entire universe and controls it. Everything comes from this power and everything returns to it.

A person, as it were, enters into a dialogue with a higher power. He affects it, it affects him back through the whole world. He feels it with all his senses and in response gives a reaction or acts in a certain selective way on this force through the surrounding nature.

It is about comprehending the hidden power of nature with which a person enters into a dialogue. As a result, he develops, comprehends the higher power, becomes equal to it in knowledge, understanding, impact, in changing himself, his life. This is the goal of his development.

Question: With what can this be compared in our world?

Answer: In part, this can be compared with science because we develop sciences about our world, which help us to better know it and manage it. By this we try to improve our life somehow, although we do not quite succeed since we use science egotistically.

This is the big difference between our world and the upper world. We cannot egoistically use the upper forces, properties, and everything that we reveal. The upper world can be comprehended only to the extent that we will be altruists, that we will begin to think about the common good, but not at all about us personally.

It is this altruistic approach that is called the spiritual approach. It is characteristic of many of man’s aspirations to reveal nature, but in Kabbalah it is obligatory.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/12/18

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