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572.03The shattering is revealed within our natural egoistic desires in which we are able to see, feel, and experience. Therefore, we have at our disposal a rich vocabulary for expressing our unwillingness, suffering, misunderstandings, confusion of feelings—all negative feelings.

Many novels have been written and many movies have been made about difficult, painful, dramatic situations in which people suffer. We have many words, feelings, and expressions to describe suffering. And there is almost nothing to say about good states—we just feel good and that’s it!

Why aren’t there as many subtleties in happiness as in unhappiness? After all, doesn’t one exist against the other? And it is all because we don’t understand and aren’t able to feel happiness deeply, we don’t build good on top of evil.

If we did, we would find a lot more words to express love than we currently have. We can talk about suffering endlessly, create entire novels and movies. And the good ending is very short: they hugged, they kissed, they smiled at each other, and the movie ends.

The problem is that we don’t know what it means to be truly happy. In our world, we do not build the good against the evil so that all crimes are covered by love. If we truly want to reveal love and reveal all the facets of connection, all the shades and sensations in the connection, then we should not erase the contradictions that existed before, but only cover them with love.

Then our connection will absorb all the nuances, all the subtleties, that were in the suffering, in the shattering. Therefore, the Creator created a simple vessel, filled it with simple light, and then broke it so that we could reveal how many subtleties there are in this breaking, the many contradictions between us and the various manifestations of hatred, rejection, and withdrawal.

In our world, we only delve into our unpleasant experiences and constantly sort our relations with each other. All this is in order to then cover them with love. We do not have colorful expressions and words for love now, but we can feel it in the same rich colors as suffering, and we will thus reveal the Creator.

Otherwise, we have no feelings worthy of Him, no words to express. There is only white motionless light and nothing else. I cannot feel it, I have nothing to cling to in it. It fills the entire universe in equal measure, and I have no way to feel it.

Therefore, we must try to combine sadness and joy, evil and good. And then all the rich vocabulary that we have for expressing unpleasant feelings and actions, all the abyss of suffering and discontent, we can project and transfer to positive impressions and feelings of happiness in order to reveal the Creator according to them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/17/21, “Love Covers All Trangressions”

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