Eight Billion Is Me

929Question: You talk all the time about raising a person. Everyone considers themselves to be good and well-mannered. How will a person understand that he needs education and change?

Answer: Only through the blows. How else? If people consider themselves to be so good, why is the world so bad?

Comment: Others are bad, therefore, the world is bad. This is how a person thinks.

My Response: And we will continue in this way until something so heavy falls on our heads that no one will think about anything anymore.

Question: Can we say that by doing this, we are inviting trouble even upon ourselves?

Answer: Of course. Instead of correcting ourselves, trying to do something, we calm ourselves down. This is leading the world to disaster.

Question: Does real education mean that I start looking at what I am like?

Answer: Yes, when I look at myself, what I am. When I look at what I have to do for others, when I am the only one who is not corrected, that is everything that exists is in me: a liar, a thief, a deceiver, a hater. I do not know what other epithets to come up with. It is all me.

And all the others are not. All the others do not exist at all. All the others are my various reflections that I see around me. That is, I look around me at a lot of people, each of them portrays a negative me. In this form and in that and also in this.

There are eight billion people in the world, and each of them represents some negative quality of mine. Eight billion! This is me. This is how our world is designed. And that is how I see it.

Question: What do I do when I see evil, an evil person?

Answer: If I correct myself, I begin to see the world more connected, more aspiring for bestowal, for love, for unity. As a result, I understand that all this is one system, this is one person, called Adam. And this Adam is me because I assembled him in this way by my deeds, actions, thoughts, and all sorts of corrections.

Question: Does it mean that I am absorbing the world in myself? Do I become this single soul, Adam?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this the truth?

Answer: This is the truth.

Question: And what we see is a lie?

Answer: No, we also see the truth, but it is a partial truth, torn apart by our internal egoism.

Question: Does it mean that here we as if do not pass it through egoism? We do not look through egoism.

Answer: Yes. If I gather them all together into one single image, then this is me.

This is our task—to gather the whole world and say, “This is me,” and this world depends on me.

Question: Am I responsible for everybody and for everything?

Answer: Absolutely for everything that is here.

Question: Is every person, the simplest, most ordinary person, responsible for the world, for everything that happens in this terrible world?

Answer: Yes, to the extent that he finds himself in this world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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