Rising Above All Differences

263Question: There are a number of approaches to eliminating discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, and various phobias. These involve legal activity where laws are supported by the state through educational and learning programs or other activities on the part of civil society, when people act from below.

What would you add to these programs? What knowledge should a person acquire in order to get rid of all the phenomena that interfere with our communication?

Answer: At the level of our world we cannot fix anything. We need to go higher, to the quality of bestowal or connection.

You can, of course, send, for example, African-Americans to universities and give them an education, but the psychological difference between people will still remain.

In order to destroy this difference, one must rise above it to the general root of all people, from the quality of egoistic separation to the quality of altruistic unity. Only then can one achieve success. The solution lies at a different level.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/14/20

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