Pave The Way To Your Neighbor

527.03Question: In order to love others, do I first need to understand how I love myself?

Answer: This is realized while working on the spiritual path. As you strive to love others, you will realize how much you hate them and love yourself.

Question: It is said that one should love one’s neighbor. Who is the “neighbor?”

Answer: A neighbor is any person on Earth, no matter whom. Almost all people are my parts. I am a common organism that includes all people on Earth. Therefore, I must love them all.

Question: Can I go from easy to hard in this love?

Answer: Sure. First, treat your loved ones, relatives, friends, and fellow tribesmen in this way, and then treat everyone else.

You must fill your neighbor with what he wants and please him. Not what you think is best for him, but what he wants.

Question: What if I don’t have what he wants?

Answer: Then you cannot fill him with anything but your pleasant striving for it.

Question: At least he should know that I am always ready to fill him, even if I don’t have what he wants?

Answer: Yes. By doing this you simply pave the way to him and the Creator already shines through you to this person.

Question: In return, I should not expect some kind of reverse action from him?

Answer: No. When it is said about loving your neighbor, it means that you must love him. His attitude toward you does not matter. You do not expect anything from him at all.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 23/10/20

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