Perspectives On Moral Principles: Scientists And Kabbalah

615.1Question: There is a point of view that suggests that some moral principles are a part of the biological nature of man. Researchers argue that the formation of moral judgements among people of differing sex, age, and culture can differ significantly. Do you think these parameters affect moral principles?

Answer: Of course. Biology influences decision making.

Comment: Researchers have discovered that acting in accordance with accepted moral norms increases people’s resistance to stress and strengthens their physical condition.

My Response: Undoubtedly, if I were sure that my actions were supported by moral foundations, principles, and agreements of society, then I would feel much more confident.

Question: Neurophysiologists argue that the moral judgments of people can be influenced by changing the activity of certain areas in the brain. It seems as though all talk of morality will soon stop by itself and the morality of society will, instead, be formed with the help of two electrodes. Do you think it is possible to change the moral principles of a person through external influences?

Answer: No. With the help of electrodes, it seems, you can control some forces. Who actually controls them? You cannot get to this answer. There is the basis of all human morality.

Question: Experts at Harvard University conducted a series of experiments that concluded a person’s moral principles change during the day and weaken in the evening. Therefore, they recommend making important, morally difficult decisions during the morning. What is your opinion?

Answer: It depends on the physiology of the person. There are people who do not think at all in the morning; they think better in the evening or even at night.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/8/20

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