Metamorphosis Of Love

622.02Question: The altruistic force of love is the most important force in nature since it contains a creative and generative energy that begins, forms, emanates, and creates systems. Why is it called the force of love?

Answer: In our world, love is the attraction of a person to something from which he feels fulfillment, satiation, or something pleasant. He could be attracted to color, sound, shape, or anything else but people. And it’s the same in people.

Question: Very often, we hear from you as well as many philosophers that nature loves us. I am not even talking about the concept of the Creator, which is from the point of view of Kabbalah identical to the concept of nature. What does it mean that nature loves us and that we need to love nature?

Answer: Love is a law of nature. The mutual attraction to perform some type of common function makes it possible to continue oneself, etc. Particularly, we call offspring and reproduction the consequence of love.

Question: Human love is not built upon the good of another, but on one’s own good through the good of another. It is clear that there is no such thing as altruistic love. There is a huge difference between altruistic love, when you think only about the other and how to fill him, and human love. People cannot love just like that, without some self-benefit.

Frequently, our love turns into hate. If I love someone and all of a sudden he cheats on me, then my love turns into hate. Why is there such a small distance between these feelings?

Answer: Because you want to be fulfilled with this object and instead of pleasant fulfillment you get the absolute opposite from it in the end. That is why hatred appears instead of love.

Question: What should happen to a person in order for the feeling of absolute love to manifest in him?

Answer: If you rise above yourself so that no matter how others treat you, you will treat them equally well, then absolute love is possible.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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