Hanukkah—Why Does The Menorah Include Eight Candles?

632.1Question: What is a Menorah? Why does it include eight candles?

Answer: From the highest quality (Keter) to the lowest quality (Malchut), from the quality of the Creator to the quality of creation, there are eight stages, eight Sefirot, excluding the highest and the lowest.

Therefore the Menorah is lit for eight days, on the eighth day the newborn is circumcised (Brit Milah), etc.

Question: How did the Kabbalists know that the Menorah should be in this form?

Answer: Kabbalists act according to their inner vision. They feel it from the correlation of their inner attributes. The connection of these attributes appears to them in this form. Moreover, this is how our world appears, according to our desires. In fact, it does not exist; it is simply that our materialized desires manifest themselves in front of us.

Question: According to Kabbalah, oil is the egoistic desire, the wick symbolizes the screen, and when there is a screen, an anti-egoistic quality, a force covering the egoistic desire, then fire appears. What is fire?

Answer: Fire represents the light of life, knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12.16.2019

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