Hanukkah—The Holiday Of Light

571.03Question: 200 years before its destruction, the Temple was desecrated. From the spiritual point of view, desecration means that people have discovered the Greeks, egoistic desires, within themselves.

At the same time, other desires, called the Maccabees, appeared among people who rebelled against the “Greeks.” In honor of the rebellion of the Maccabees, who purged the Temple, the celebration of Hanukkah began. What does this holiday mean?

Answer: Our soul consists of two parts: vessels of reception and vessels of bestowal. As we advance, at a certain stage we complete the correction of the vessels of bestowal and must start correcting the vessels of reception.

Hanukkah,” from the word “Hanaya,” means a stopover, i.e., a transition from one action to another. The desires to bestow are easier to correct. Therefore, Hanukkah is the festival of light.

Question: It turns out that spiritual states can be viewed from different points of view. On one hand, these are historical events. On the other hand, a whole nation passed through these states. And third, each person within himself must go through the same states. Are these all identical?

Answer: Yes, as it is said: “… the collective and the individual are one and the same.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/20

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