Hanukkah—The Miracle Of Hanukkah And The Material World

627.1Question: It is said that a miracle happened on Hanukkah: the oil, being enough for one day, burned for eight days. Do you think this could have happened?

Answer: It is up to us. If we strive to ensure our properties to be equal with the properties of the Creator, that we participate in kindling the light in the world in order to illuminate it with the qualities of love, kindness, and connection, then such an effort is sufficient on our part. This comes from our side, Malchut, and the rest is given from above.

Question: Do you think the miracle of Hanukkah really could have happened on a corporeal level?

Answer: Why not? Our world conforms to general laws. If we fulfill them, we can do everything. There are more and more miracles in our world every day, but we simply do not notice them because we are included in them. And if we could see them from the outside, they would be miracles to us.

Question: So, this is not an allegorical description?

Answer: Of course. Absolutely everything that is written in the Torah must and will happen in our world. I do not see any miracles in it.

If a Papuan comes to me, for example, and I press the switch and the light comes on, he will fall on his knees before this phenomenon. Is it a miracle or not? It is a miracle for him but not for me.

If we were now at the first spiritual level, then everything that happened there would be a miracle for us.

Comment: But if you say that these are laws, then any person could repeat them. And I don’t think anyone can repeat that today.

My Response: Because we are not at that level!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/16/19

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