Everyone Can Make Mistakes

254.01Question: Is it important for a leader to be able to admit their mistakes?

Answer: A leader can hardly make mistakes. But if he or she feels it necessary to show that they may have made a mistake, then they must do it publicly and in a way that is considered a virtue.

Question: So, it is not a problem for a manager to show mistakes and weaknesses, but it is more difficult for a leader?

Answer: This is not a problem for a manager or a leader because all of us, as they say, walk under God, and everyone can make mistakes.

Question: Should a leader be able to take risks?

Answer: No. A leader must choose the kindest, most reliable path, because this is how they lead their flock to the highest goal, and they have no right to risk them.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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