The Ladder Of Spiritual Ascent

608.02There is a ladder of spiritual ascent at the top of which is the light. The first level descends from this light and is divided into two parts: upper and lower – 1a, 1b. The second stage is 2a, 2b. The third is 3a, 3b, etc.

The light enters the first level only when the level wants that, but it cannot receive the light because if it wants to receive it only for its own sake, the light will not enter it. So it can receive it only to the extent that it bestows unto the light. This means that there is the desire of the light and the desire of the created being.

How can I reach the state in which I will want to bestow, know what I am living for, and what I can bestow to the Creator?

In order to do so I need to feel the lower level. If I turn to it, I will receive from it a desire to connect to the light and I will transmit it upward.

This transmission of a foreign desire, which means that it is not my desire, indicates that I don’t want to receive the light for my own sake, egoistically, but in order to transmit it to others. In such a state I will not receive it.

We are actually connected in a special spiral where each one exists in order to pass something on to others, and so the light passes through us, fills everyone, and no one is an obstacle that stands in the way of the light. So the connection between us is the precondition for the flow of the upper light inside us until we reach the state of total eternity and we are completely filled.

We actually need to be connected this way, and in order to do so there is the commandment of “love thy friend as thyself” because in such a case we reach the state of infinite filling by the upper light, which means, by the Creator, and thus enable Him to exist inside us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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