Parting With The Ego

601.02Question: How can I die in order to be born correctly?

Answer: Very simple, tell your ego, “Die! or “I’ll bust your chops.”

Question: Does a Kabbalist regret his death?

Answer: A Kabbalist does not die. I have often told you about how Rabash used to compare a person’s body to a shirt that a person takes off and throws into the laundry basket. Here too, a person takes off his wrapping and throws it into the laundry basket, and continues to exist naked and clean of the ego.

Question: But this is only if I adhered to the eternal during my lifetime, to my point in the heart.

Answer: Of course, and if you did not manage to adhere, you have to undergo other states.

But still, there is no death, only parting with our egoism. In reality, we can do that while still living in our world. If we don’t, we will seemingly have to die in our beastly body in order to part with the ego.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/10/18

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