Family: Combining Of Two Opposites

603Question: The family is a natural system that also exists in the animal world.

Some animals have male and female parts for reproduction in the same body.

But the more developed animals are, the more there is a division of the male and female parts, which are naturally opposite and exist in separate individuals. This is where an interesting principle appears: in order to give birth to a new body, it is necessary to combine two opposites.

What is the purpose of this principle? Today, this issue is particularly relevant because in some countries and societies there are artificial attempts to level these opposites, in particular gender.

Answer: It is impossible. The more developed nature is, the more it includes all sorts of opposites, which drift apart from each other in infinite variations.

We see that primitive organisms exist practically in the same body. There are those who become the female part and there are those who become the male part. Their gender identity changes. They can be completely free to combine, interbreed, and separate by gender with a minimum separation of one individual from another.

Over the course of evolution, individuals became more and more distant from each other on psychological, physiological, and sexual principles. Therefore, they need a very serious combination with each other, and this is not easy.

In animals, this is extremely rare, but in humans, the correct combination of the male and female parts is necessary in order to raise offspring, ensure their normal existence, and guarantee serious development up to 15 to 20 years of life, which is necessary for a person to get on his feet and start providing for oneself, reproduce one’s own offspring, and take care of them.

Nature has created us so that the more developed we are, the greater the separation between us.

Then, when we become social units, there is a huge division between us in the pursuit of science, art, anything. Look at how many specialties there are in the world, how many opportunities each person has to develop. In this, no one is like the other.

It is not just about gender, but the fact that internally we are all very different. Therefore, it is simply impossible to talk about combining all this in one body.

Remark: In principle, the psychological and physiological combination of two opposite objects that makes it possible for a more perfect existence is a principle of nature.

My Comment: Yes. This makes it possible to vary and do anything you want. For example, in our time, there are many new professions that did not exist 100 or 200 years ago.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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