What Is The Cure For Cancer?

Each cell in our physical body has a mechanism of self-sustenance. However, it consumes only what it needs for its useful functioning within the interconnected system of tissues and organs. If, however, a single cell of the human body starts to function for a purpose other than for the entire organism, it becomes cancerous.

The same goes for people within society and nature. As soon as one begins thinking only about oneself, the system gets “influenced” by these thoughts and desires. Then, each element begins consuming everything for its own benefit, leaving nothing for others. This is how a cancerous tumor is formed. If we don’t think about others, we destroy not just us, but all other levels of nature: still, vegetative and animate. When cancerous growth of a selfish attitude toward everyone spreads beyond a certain limit, humanity starts consuming itself.

What is the solution to this situation?

The wisdom of Kabbalah states that when we understand our egoistic nature and apply efforts to rise above it through building loving connections between us, we’ll step into a new level of perception of reality. As soon as human relationships become mutual, kind, benevolent, and we all unite into one complete system, the world will become balanced, and there will be no room for cancer on any level.

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