How Connection Between Jews Can Combat Anti-Semitism – Talk With Richard S. Hirschhaut

Richard S. Hirschhaut, Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Los Angeles, meets Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss how establishing positive connections between Jews will help combat anti-Semitism.

In our time, the world becomes more and more globally interconnected. Thus, a crisis in one place in the world has the power to influence every realm of human engagement. How is this related to the rise of anti-Semitism?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our reality is moderated by two forces: negative (our egoism, selfishness), and positive (integration, connection). The human ego naturally exists in constant growth, while integration depends on building positive human connections. Considering today’s situation, humanity lacks the ability to connect above selfish attitudes. The Jewish people, however, have the ability to implement it and pass it onto everyone.

This sends us back to the history of the Jewish people and the specific root of anti-Semitism. Jews originated in ancient Babylon as a group united around the principle “Love covers all transgressions.” It means that they bear the method of connection within, even though they are mostly unaware of it. The hatred against the Jewish people appears at the point that they possess a kind of key to human happiness, which they fail to implement on themselves and share with anyone.

Therefore, if we wish for an end to anti-Semitism, the Jewish people have to exemplify the path of connection for everyone, and by doing so, the crisis will stop, and a new level of connection will radiate to the rest of the world.

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