Building The Future Society, Part 1

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Baal HaSulam, “Building the Future Society”: We have already said that nature necessitates that the human species lead a social life. This is simple. However, we should examine the commandments that nature compels us to follow as a result of that state, meaning that of leading a social life.

Generally speaking, there are but two commandments (precepts) we should engage with in society. These can be defined by the names “reception and bestowal”. It means that each member is obligated by nature to receive his or her needs from society, and also benefit society by means of his or her work. If one breaks any of these two precepts, he shall be punished mercilessly.

Question: Which two laws are being described? What are we receiving? What are we giving? After all, this can be interpreted in different ways.

Answer: In nature there is a force of receiving and a force of bestowal. These two forces must be balanced. They can be interpreted any way you wish, but you must understand that the laws of nature are unyielding, absolute, and do not depend on our interpretation. Therefore, we must figure out how to clearly identify them, and learn to implement them so that we do not cause ourselves too much harm.

The laws of nature evolve from its inanimate level where both forces, positive and negative, constantly evolve and reach a certain equilibrium between themselves. First in atoms, molecules, etc., and then in plants, in living organisms, creatures, and then at the level of thinking, perception, and awareness. This is the fourth level also known as the human level.

We must understand and comply with all these laws so there is balance between the force of receiving and the force of bestowal so that everything would work in balance. This is the task that nature presented before us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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