What Do We Feel Before Death?


In the News (MedicalXpress): “Mystical near-death experiences where people report a range of spiritual and physical symptoms, including out-of-body sensations, seeing or hearing hallucinations, racing thoughts and time distortion, affect around 10 per cent of people, according to a new study that analysed participants from 35 countries. …

“The new findings were presented at the 5th European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress by researchers from the Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Center for Stroke Research, Berlin, and the Norwegian University of Technology, Trondheim, Norway. …

“The study group who reported NDEs variously described feeling at total peace, having their ‘soul sucked out’, hearing angels singing, being aware they were outside their body, seeing their life flashing before them, and being in a dark tunnel before reaching a bright light. Others spoke of being aware of another’s presence before they went to sleep, or of a demon sitting on their chest while they lay paralysed unable to move.”

Question: What do you think about this?

Answer: When I was in a near-death state after an accident, I also sensed all sorts of images. I did not hear anything; I had a noise in my ears. But I saw all sorts of unrealistic images. I understood that what I saw was not real because I was in such a state.

Question: But is it true or not that a person feels this way?

Answer: The fact that they see this? Is what a person sees the truth?

I, as a Kabbalist, see this completely differently. What we see now is also not the truth. It is an imaginary and illusory world. Where is the truth? Everything is reflected in me, there is nothing outside of me. It is what I imagine. Thus, it is the same there.

The exit into the next dimension is completely different. It must be above egoism. If a person does not reject their egoism, then in the end, one has none of this.

One has all sorts of far-fetched ideas about the future world. Maybe he thinks that this is the future world. I do not think that anything is presented to him; he is just taking his brain, his intracranial fluctuations, for some kind of another world.

He has no other world in such a form. He must understand that in our world he must exit his egoism in order to feel the next degree—the upper world. Yet, for this, he must rise above himself. The ascent, however, in a real form, can only be in this world.

Question: If you would rise above your egoism, what would you see?

Answer: A person would see positive and negative forces interacting with each other and as a result would depict for him or her  a completely different picture—forces.

Question: It is not very clear. What does it mean to see the forces?

Answer: I cannot tell you this. It is impossible to convey.

Question: Can it only be conveyed to a person who has already attained and felt this?

Answer: Yes. This is serious information. It is transmitted and can be felt only by those who are ready for it and able to perceive it. There is no prohibition here. A person just has to be able to perceive this information; then one will see. Just as a small child does not notice what adults notice.

Question: So, when they say “The hidden wisdom of Kabbalah,” this is not about the hidden wisdom but about the fact that I, so far, do not see this?

Answer: Yes. This is why it is called hidden. Everything is revealed only to the extent of your ability to attain. Unfortunately, we are in a state when nothing can be explained. Only if you want, if you are consumed by the desire to attain, then you will be able to overcome this.

Question: Then what are you always trying to explain? You are making TV programs, writing. Why?!

Answer: I am trying as much as possible to reveal to people, at least a little, the opportunity to see the way to this. Nothing more. All the rest depends on a person himself.

Question: Does a person need to reveal this or only to make an effort?

Answer: A person needs to make an effort in order to reveal, and to make an effort all the time, an effort to advance in order to constantly rise above oneself.

Question: How will this desire occur in a person?

Answer: It is either through corporeal suffering or through spiritual aspiration from the right environment. There is no other way.

This is not an easy task, but humanity cannot escape from it. I am sure that we are in a state that is very close to that.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/23/19

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