For Love Of Friends

laitman_947Question: When there is a desire to fill a friend, we forget about ourselves. In theory, should this desire alone be enough to somehow annul myself?

Answer: Yes, perhaps, for now. Probably that will change later. What does it mean to fill a friend? It means that you are prepared to sacrifice everything if only he receives what he wants.

Question: Is my desire to fill the friend egoistic?

Answer: It does not matter that it is egoistic. At the moment I do not check whether or not it is egoistic. I am not in the position yet to weight egoism and altruism. I am prepared to fill the friend with what he wants. This is called love for him.

Then, there are degrees, which I will climb and discover that this is egoistic love, and in fact, not even of the friend, but of myself, that I satisfy my desires in this way.

We learn that the love for one’s friend is only possible above self-hatred. One must feel self-hatred and to the same extent feel the love for others. This will then be the love for a friend and not for my new desire because this is self-deception.
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “Dissolving in the Friends,” Lesson 1

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