Don’t Try To Justify Yourself!

laitman_546.01Question: I am haunted by the question: what is going on, why can’t I connect with the others? I want to feel a common desire (Hissaron) but there is no connection, no feeling of the group. What is missing?

Answer: You are missing.

Question: Does this mean I am not ready yet?

Answer: Do not say that you are not ready. The fact that you were brought here is a sign that you are ready. Now it all depends on your efforts. Do not try to justify yourself that you are not ready. You are purposely given obstacles to prevent you from making the necessary efforts. You must make them, you should plea, persuade, demand to be united in one ten by any means. That’s what you must now do. Otherwise, you would not have ended up here.

Do not say: “Another congress has passed. I don’t know what lies ahead. Maybe next time …,” or any other excuses.

This is given to you from above! These are not your thoughts! Do not scold yourself for them, a man has no thoughts. Everything comes from above, and therefore, relate all the obstacles to the Creator. Do not comply with Him. This is called “help against you.” He is purposely pushing you away in order for you to develop the right desire for unity with Him in quantity and quality.

So, keep going!
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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