Everything From One Thought—And Back Again

629.4There is nothing but one thought—the thought of creation, which includes everything. Only we, the created beings, still do not understand and feel it. But we exist within this thought and are governed by it. All our work takes place inside of it. This thought is the whole creation, its plan, and there is nothing other than it.

Everything is resolved in thought, and everything is created by thought. There is no matter; all of reality is included in the thought. It is interesting that modern scientists, being absolute materialists, say that the universe is a thought. Researchers of the human brain claim that all our thoughts, desires, and decisions are outside of a person and that the brain is only a device that captures this thought and transfers it to us.

Thus, science is gradually approaching this fact that Kabbalists discovered a long time ago: There is nothing in the universe except for the thought of creation and we exist inside of it. Although we divide reality into forces, matter, feelings, and reason, in essence, only the Creator’s thought, within which we exist, operates.

We need to attain this thought of the Creator in relation to the created being and then we will attain Him—not Him Himself, but His attitude toward the created being. It is only this very thought that exists. All the various opposite properties that we feel are meant to reveal the depth and the uniqueness of this thought.

There is none else besides Him, but we attain this fact from the opposite, from the numerous actions and manifestations of the Creator in relation to us, which are very diverse and contradictory. It is precisely all these paradoxes and discrepancies, which are preventing us from realizing what is happening and from agreeing with it, that push us to such a development that by combining all the contradictions above reason, we attain the Creator. It is impossible to attain Him other than from the two opposites that combine together and complete each other.1

From the Creator’s side, the potential action, called the thought, is enough. For the Creator, the end of the action is in the initial thought, that is, the uncorrected and corrected state of the created being exist together, creating a black dot called the created being. The rest is the development of this dot and its self-awareness, and from its self-awareness to the awareness of the Creator in order to understand where it came from, who created it, and who is developing it.

It is like a movie rolling inside this dot. All of us, the whole universe, all the worlds are in it. The attitude of the Creator, the upper light, is called “the thought of creation.”

Therefore, there is only one thought from which the entire universe emerged—the thought of creation. It already defines all our rewards, our efforts, and everything we experienced on the way.

From the side of the Creator, there is nothing bigger than this thought. But we, the created beings, are able to attain it only when we separate from Him and begin to act independently. Inside this thought, other additional thoughts appear: the four Behinot (phases), the Partzufim, the worlds. We study what in practice comes out of the black dot, which potentially includes the entire thought of the Creator, the entire process that was initially invested there.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
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