Can We Move Forward Without Descents?

laitman_260Question: Can we move forward without descents and disappointments?

Answer: No, we cannot. But we should relate to such states not as a descent, but as the revelation of even greater and greater shattering of our common soul. These are not descents, but problems that I can fix again and again.

Moreover, why should I relate to a descent negatively, with fear: “Oh, now something else will be revealed!” On the contrary, it is said that you should search for where there are more problems, like an old man who is looking for something he lost.

He knows that without these problems he will not advance. Therefore, he is called an old man, meaning a man who has wisdom and experience.

We just need to tune into the fact that there are no problems in life. It is always only the Creator’s attitude toward me that excites me in such a way that I feel the need for Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/19

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