Why Does A Person Need The Mind?

Laitman_177.06Everything that separates me from the Creator is called evil. Where, however, do I decide that this is evil, in the mind or in the heart?

Why did the Creator give a person a mind, which is above any animal’s mind, if we need to annul it, working by faith above reason?

The Creator created the mind for a person precisely in order for us to work against our animalistic mind. Otherwise we would be unable to figure out where is bitter and sweet. We replace our mind with the mind of the upper. Since we need to begin from something, the Creator gives us an animalistic mind.

It is similar to how the Creator creates the desire to receive so that we first feel reception as sweet and bestowal as bitter. One can ask why the Creator initially created the creature as opposite to Him? This, however, already relates to the question: Why did He break the creation? And the answer: the advantage of the Light is attained from darkness.
From a conversation in Iceland, 5/23 /18

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