Thoughts And Mind

laitman_610_3Question: What are thoughts and mind?

Answer: Thoughts don’t exist by themselves. Thoughts are what happens in the mind. The mind is a derivative of desires. Our desires are a derivative of the desire of the Creator. The desire of the Creator is a derivative of His intention.

This precise chain is manifested in us in order to create desires. In this case, desires reveal thoughts, and thoughts weave the mind. Once a certain network of thoughts are formed within us and we can own and operate it, then we are able to evaluate our desires, the influences of the Creator, and try to connect our mind with His mind, and our desires with His desires.

Desires are primary, and the mind serves the desires. It turns out that the more desires a person has, the bigger his mind is that serves and satisfies them.

Question: Does it mean that highly egoistic people are smarter?

Answer: Elevated egoism means not large, but a versatile egoism. In this case, the human mind of a person is growing. Yet, if his egoism is large, but one-sided, his mind is very small and narrow.

Let’s say, I want to earn a billion dollars. Such egoism is one-sided. However, if I want to earn money, be a scientist, and know what the universe is, then my mind unfolds on all the desires. Therefore, it must be very versatile in order to be able to serve them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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