Israel Is The Spark In The Heart

laitman_294.2It is difficult to explain what the true reality is because it is hidden and our eyes are distorted. However, one has to make an effort to see the picture as close to the truth as possible. We live in an imaginary world, because all that we see are only symbols of spiritual properties.

The whole world is diverse fragments of the desire that vary in power; that is, the degree of their corruption that corresponds to the power of the desire. The more corrected the desire used to be in the system of the one common soul of Adam before its shattering, the more corrupted it is now.

After the shattering of the common desire, a fragment of the screen remained in each of its particles, a spark of the reflected Light, which existed before Adam’s sin. That is why today there are so many people in the world, that is, desires in which the spark manifests more or less.

The common Light affects the shattered fragments of the desire and awakens them to life, layer by layer. The desires feel the urge to approach the upper Light, to resemble it. At first, they are drawn to it egoistically with a corrupt intention, trying to use the spark left in them from the spiritual state of mutual bestowal for the sake of their enjoyment.

Those desires that have woken up until today or will still wake up and strive to the goal of creation, to adhesion with the Creator, are called “Israel” (Yashar-El—straight to the Creator). These are desires with very strong sparks that awaken a person.

Also, those in whom the sparks are still weak are called the nations of the world because they feel only ordinary, earthly desires: not to adhere to the Creator, but just to live comfortably in this world. This is the difference.

If the nations of the world feel that no occupation in this world can provide them with fulfillment, then they agree to join Israel, wishing that people who strive for spirituality lead others and bring them to correction. After all, a hope for fulfillment is only there. Otherwise, they will pull Israel down, into egoistic desires.1
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/18, Lesson on the Topic: “A Handmaid That Is Heir To Her Mistress”
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