Laughter Helps Us Live

laitman_241.01Question: It is known that laughter helps in life. Scientists believe that laughter performs an important social function and unites people.

Is it possible to say that laughter unites people?

Answer: Laughter in our world is an expression of satisfaction, which can be egoistic—sarcastic, spiteful, and completely unkind—because egoism manifests itself in a simple, undisguised form.

Laughter is more a manifestation of the joy of egoism.

Question: What are the roots of laughter?

Answer: Self-pleasure. Self-satisfaction. As a rule, I would say that everything I see is spiteful.

Question: Is there a more elevated state, good laughter?

Answer: Good laughter in Kabbalah is based on understanding, on revealing its opposition to the Creator. However, a person simultaneously understands how he can get out of it. As Sarah said at the birth of Isaac: “The Creator made me laugh.” This is already a high level.

At the same time, something very kind, good, and joyous is manifested, which is based on the complete impossibility of a phenomenon. Therefore, laughter is a combination of two opposites.

Goodness and kindness can emerge only from the evil, harmful, and dark.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/17/18

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