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The condition that only love of people leads to love of the Creator repels. Everyone agrees to love the Creator as it benefits the ego to be in good relations with the Creator; it doesn’t obligate anything. This is why it is accepted in all religions, and it increases egoism.

Genuine love can be built only on hate. These two senses, like the poles of our life, create a field within which the pulse of life beats.

-How to justify a betrayal?
-It is written: “Do not judge until you walk in another’s shoes and feel his condition.
Bring yourself into him, with all his inner properties, into his state of being—and then you will see if he was able to act otherwise or not.

In bestowal, enjoyment depends on the significance of the receiver. Therefore, we must constantly increase the receiver’s greatness. In that case, we will view our bestowal as reception. Our desire becomes satisfied with the Creator’s greatness, which depends solely on us.

Naturally, the desires to enjoy receiving pleasure are growing, unlike the desires to enjoy bestowal. Bestowal contains great pleasures, for they are defined by the greatness of the Creator, Whom we bestow to. To increase the value of the Creator’s greatness depends on the group.

I reached the zero point when the friend and I are equally important to me. But the friend must be more vital to me (like a baby for a mother). Otherwise, it is impossible to reveal the Creator. The friends are a vessel in which I find the Creator.

Do I regret that my heart is deaf to the friends? Do I repent this because I’m not moving forth or because I am not assisting them? Even so, my awareness of my indifference is the starting point and the cause of advancement. Now we only need to increase this awareness.

At the inanimate, vegetative, and animal level, we love self-gratification—food, sex, family. At the human level, we take pleasure in the value and significance of money, recognition, and knowledge. Thus we advance towards the higher values—to the point in the heart.

The attempt to unite the #EU revealed its disunity. The crisis can be resolved through replacing the formal union by drawing people closer together. This can be achieved by training them in the spirit of unity. The world needs this example!
From Twitter, 7/13/18

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