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Soccer demonstrates the ecstasy of unity, belonging, the importance of the enemy’s strength to- enjoy in the battle. That’s how humanity will reveal its opponent, EGOISM, and take a fight against it. The Judge will be the Creator. The victory will be determined by our solidarity!

To surrender oneself to slavery to the Creator means to subordinate everything that I have to only one goal: to attain the property of bestowal. And the Creator is ready to give Himself into slavery for the sake of the creatures. He will be happy to have His sons defeat Him.

How can desire to enjoy wish to become a slave for the sake of acquiring the quality of bestowal? This can be done if we perceive that the quality of bestowal is more exalted and significant than our selfishness. In that case, we are ready to attain this significance and change.

Do I regret that my heart is deaf to the friends?
My progress depends on my oneness with them, but this desire is dead.
Yet, I’m aware of my indifference.
Now I must increase my sensitivity to the friends, so that their condition is more important to me than my own.

At the inanimate, vegetative, and animal level of desires, we enjoy being filled. At the human level, we enjoy not being filled, but what makes it significant. Thus we move toward higher values, and the point in the heart begins to work, advancing us toward the Creator.

In bestowal, pleasure depends on the importance of the receiver.Therefore, one must increase the recipient’s greatness.Then bestowal turns into receiving.The desire to bestow is fulfilled with the greatness of the Creator, which is an infinite enjoyment, & its value depends on us

I increase the sensitivity to the friends and reduce it in relation to myself—
Until the friend becomes more important than me, as an infant to his mother.
Thus, through the friends, I raise sensitivity to the Creator.
The friends are a vessel in which I come in contact with Him

Even now I am in the spiritual world, but I do not perceive it. The sensory organ of the spiritual world is love of others. The spiritual world is beyond me; it is concealed, but through the friends, I begin to feel something new—the quality of bestowal, and the Creator in it.

Pleasures are clear to my desire and I enjoy them directly. A pleasure to bestow doesn’t evolve in us to the same extent as the pleasure to receive does. But in bestowal great delights are concealed; they are determined by the greatness of the Creator in my eyes, whom we bestow to.

The pleasure to bestow comes from the greatness of the Creator, who is bestowed to; similar to how a bride gifts a significant bridegroom with a ring. Meanwhile, the pleasure incurred thereby depends not on the value of the ring but on the significance of the infinite Creator.

Trump isn’t pulling #NATO down; rather, he is looking after US interests, as it is in the international trade. Stop milking America! Everyone must take care of their own military and economic security! #Trump shows that the #US money and interests are his primary concern.

Instead of masses of workers feeding elite, we see a small number of workers feeding masses of loafers whom they intend to pay a guaranteed income for nothing. But these masses will have to undergo education and in a good, reciprocal connection will all have to reveal the Creator.
From Twitter, 7/9/18

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