Builders Of The New World

laitman_260.01The goal of creation is the connection of all the creatures, the whole broken soul of Adam HaRishon. We need to reveal the scale of this breaking, its appearance, depth, and character. After all, it was not a lifeless stone that was broken, but a system built similar to the Light, HaVaYaH. The system was broken due to the fact that a desire was revealed inside of it that was against HaVaYaH, against the desire of the Creator, which was filling it.

The breaking occurred between two opposing forces—the only ones that exist in nature. Therefore, in order to make an attempt to connect, an attack on connection is required. After all, we are not ready to take even one step in its direction; something in the heart and in the mind prevents us from doing it. And we do not understand what we lack in order to achieve this.

There are such systems, forces, force fields that repel us, not allowing us to get closer to connection. The guards push us down when we try to climb the mountain of the royal palace. And we feel completely powerless. The desire has been awakened, but there is absolutely no power for its realization; there is lack of understanding and lack of perseverance. Each time there is a need to turn to the Creator, as it is written: “And the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage.” Until we oblige the Creator to finish this work for us and carry out the action of our connection.

The work is against the negative forces that the Creator wanted to reveal to us. As the advantage of the Light is revealed from the darkness, and in contrast to the negative force, we can uncover positive forces that already directly represent the power of the Creator: the power of unity, bestowal, and love. Then we create our first HaVaYaH from our side. HaVaYaH descends from above downward, and our HaVaYaH, on the contrary, rises from the bottom upward, and in this way, we complete each other. Having built the vessel for the first HaVaYa, we reveal the name of the Creator in all the worlds.

This is not just an attack on connection, but the construction of entire systems, the acquisition of additional desires, training along the way, finding out what hinders and what helps us. We must build a whole state, a new world. In fact, this is the only and the most important work that exists in all reality, and we are now trying to try to fulfill it in the framework of the last generation for the first time in history.1

There are only two systems, two forms, and neither exists without the other. “The benefit of the Light comes only out of the darkness,” but the benefit of the darkness is revealed by the Light. The good and evil always fight for a man until they complete each other. The duty of man is to reconcile them. Therefore, each of them is constantly growing relative to the other. The good cannot grow without increasing the evil, and the evil cannot grow without increasing the good, similar to electric current that flows only if there is a potential difference in the system: minus and plus. Only by working together on the common resistance between them can these forces manifest themselves.

Therefore, in nature there is no one single force. It is possible that the opposite force is hidden and not visible to us. But it is impossible to act with the single power of the good without the accompaniment of evil. And the power of the evil, too, will not be revealed alone. Wherever evil is revealed, the power of good always lies somewhere inside.

Our work is to bring these forces to revelation one relative to the other, to find out their opposition and the conditions under which they can connect and match each other. And then we can use both of these forces for one purpose.

The Creator does not send us any good force, or evil. But we, the creatures, can reveal Him only by using these two forces. We see the light only against the background of darkness, we feel the power of bestowal and love only in contrast to the power of reception and hatred. Therefore, we need to treat these two basics in the same way. In the end, we need to rise above the power of the evil and the power of the good, the force of receiving and the force of bestowal, the power of darkness and the power of Light, in order reveal the Creator above them and to give Him pleasure.

Therefore, it is impossible to prefer one force to the other in anything. Only when we are above both of them and do not relate ourselves to either of them is the right state.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Attacking the Connection”
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