My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/5/18


-Can you lower the ego by studying Kabbalah? Or only grow it?
-Only grow! You can’t do anything without the ego. We need a huge ego that will raise us to the heavens, and we’ll be correcting it. #MondayMotivaton #success

#Centenials-the first global #generation undivided by cultures/religions. For them, borders are a strange remnant of the past. They think the world is on the wrong trajectory, and the modern world’s trends hardly conform to their expectations. #Education @expert_news #Reality_ML

Nations are not at fault for having this or that desire. Everything depends on how ppl are educated/educate themselves. If the Poles understood this attitude toward themselves/Creator/mission of nations, they’d have no complaints. If Jews understood, there’d be no #Antisemitism

From Twitter, 2/5/18

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