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The way towards a less violent in America goes beyond laws and regulations. America must read the writing on the wall and initiate a massive socio-educational endeavor to infuse its culture with new examples, norms and values.
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#Israel is building a legal defense network against Western pro-Palestinian organizations & BDS, who aim to delegitimize Israel as a state. #Kabbalah: if we don’t show the world an example of unity, we will turn the whole world against us, and they will scatter us.

#Crisis_solution #Fake news leads to apathy to reality, inability to tell truth from fiction, the notion of “fact” disappears, anyone can simulate any event. Thus, our #world exposes itself, forcing us to create the upper world between us—above the #ego’s lies.

#Automation will force us to implement #UBI (universal basic income). But UBI brings #inequality, irresponsibility, passivity? negates meaning of life? UBI is inevitable! But we must also implement universal mandatory education of the people!

Without a human environment, a child would grow up to be an animal. but because he has the desire to absorb the environment, it builds his world for him. Thus, to reveal the upper world we need an environment of Kabbalists that would shape in us the ability to see the upper world

The upper world is revealed only in the integration of desires of different ppl. That is why forming a group is so important, for one alone cannot attain even the 1st spiritual degree. Hence, “love your friend” is a Kabbalistic directive to reveal the upper world & the #Creator.

Everyone has 1 spiritual spark. But by uniting it with 9 sparks of the friends, one receives the strength sufficient to reveal the #spiritual world. And so everyone in the group, having 1 spark, attaches the 9 sparks and acquires the desire, force to reveal the spiritual world.

#Reality_ML When coming to study #Kabbalah, man is ready to learn the mystical upper forces, angels, spirits–to reveal the supernatural realm. And he has no idea that the revelation of the Creator/Upper World happens not mystically, but in the special bond btwn Kabbalists.

#Reality_ML The #Zohar describes our (current, egoistic) state as sleeping, with our eyes turned inward. Indeed, we only see and care about what’s happening in us, in the desire to enjoy. But #Kabbalah allows us to see what’s happening outside of us—the Upper World.

#Love is allowing another to integrate in you without any calculations/restrictions. And then we form a common spiritual vessel in which we both sense the upper world & force above this material world. After that, the material body can die, but we’re already alive! #ValentinesDay

Thus, the redemption of #Israel and its greatness depends only on the study of Kabbalah. And the fall of Israel happens only as a result of degrading #Kabbalah. #Jewish

Bolstering the external part of the world (nations of the world) results in the destruction of the Jews, who are deemed redundant in the world. All the horrific destructions and killings take place, to which our generation was witness! #Jews

If a Jew lowers the importance of #Kabbalah which is about the soul’s correction, relative to the external Torah which is only about mechanical observance, he degrades the inner part of the world (Israel) & bolsters the external part–the nations that will degrade the #Jews

Those who practice the inner Torah, Kabbalah, elevate the #soul, raising the people of #Israel, and the nations of the world recognize Israel’s merit. But if they practice only the external Torah, the opposite happens. #Jewish

#Humanity is divided into internal (Israel) and external (nations). #Israel is divided into Kabbalists and the rest. The nations are divided into the righteous and the harmful ones.

Past generations were correcting the ego with the revealed #Torah, i.e. fulfilling the commandments in practice, and our generation can correct its mature ego with the concealed Torah, i.e. by studying #Kabbalah.
Our generation is the most #egoistic, and that is precisely why it is capable of comprehending the necessity of correction.

Ego’s correction takes place over 6000 years, from Adam, i.e. 5788 years ago. The method of correction is described by Rashbi (2C BE), ARI (16C). In 20th century, Baal HaSulam wrote commentaries on their works, making #Kabbalah suitable for practical correction of man’s #ego.

Baal HaSulam Preface to The Book of #Zohar: The method of world’s correction comes down to correction of ego, man’s evil nature. The Creator is revealed in the corrected ego. The method of ego’s correction & Creator’s revelation is called #Kabbalah (article numeration ahead)

#Love is a strictly Kabbalistic notion. It means to accept another’s desires as your own, and fulfill them up to their total inclusion into one common desire. This is possible only if they both integrate with the Creator. So, “love your friend as yourself” is only possible here!

If a Jew studies the internal part of the Torah, #Kabbalah, he causes the elevation of the internal part of the world, Israel, over the external part of the world–and the nations recognize Israel’s #spirituality,

Psalm_95 Let us bow before our Maker. For He is our GOD & we are His people. O if you would heed His voice! For forty years I loathed this generation and I said: it is a people lost in their heart, they don’t know My ways. And I swore in My anger that they will not enter My rest.

Psalm_94 #GOD of Vengeance, Judge of the Earth, recompense to the proud! How long shall they exult? LORD knows thoughts of man, so vain. Blessed is whom You chasten and whom You teach Torah. If the LORD were not my help, my soul would dwell in the grave. But GOD is my stronghold!

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