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“Holiday” is a luminescence of the upper world. The Hebrew for holiday – Hag – stems from the word “arrow” (Mahog) and “circle” (Hug). Unlike our world, the spiritual is devoid of time-space-motion, has only descents & ascents in love & bestowal. The Upper Light determines dates

Chafetz Chaim: Creation is loved by the Creator when ppl r united without envy or enmity, each wants good 4 others. Then the Creator is pleased with his actions. Thus “Love your neighbor, I am the Creator” is actualized. If you love another as yourself the Creator is in you both

Dear friends. I wish you all a Happy New Year, to reveal the Creator in our common unity, for everyone to attain the meaning of life in health and in peace.

Vilna Gaon: You begin studying #Torah from its secret part, SOD, Torah of the world of Assiya where the Creator is fully concealed. Then you study the revealed Torah, REMEZ (world of Yetzira) etc. until Torah of the world Atzilut, PSHAT, for it is free of Creator’s concealment.

A Kabbalist’s joy is the chance to fill others & through them, the Creator. I cannot bestow to/receive from Him directly. Joy is when you give yourself to the group & in it discover the connection to Creator. Together, you-group-Creator meet in the group (Shechinah). #kabbalah

#Israel is founding an organization to clarify Israel’s actions. It’s an old, naive notion. Kabbalah says that hatred toward Jews is natural, and will only change when the Jews show an example of unity for the world to follow. This is their historic mission.

From Twitter, 1/3/18

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