Kabbalah And Mental Abilities

laitman_623Question: You say that one doesn’t need any special intellectual aptitude to study Kabbalah, that the only thing needed is to attract the upper Light. Wouldn’t it be best if you just had uneducated students?

Answer: The fact is that you are talking about an animal, egoistic mind that helps a person in this world. The range of his intellect can be from a fool to Einstein, but it will not have anything to do with Kabbalah.

Therefore, the main thing for a person is a desire to attain the Creator, and it does not depend on any mental abilities.

Nevertheless, most of my students have higher education.

Question: But if they had no education, would it matter to you at all?

Answer: Absolutely not! Only the question about the meaning of life is important and a very great desire to realize it.
From the Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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