Answers To Your Questions, Part 213

Laitman_917.01Question: Are prophetic dreams and deja-vu characteristics of the soul or the body? How is it possible to get rid of them or how can one live with them if they are impossible to get rid of?

Answer: They disappear as one thinks about connection with the Creator.

Question: I once asked you how I could find a profession in this world and you answered that this would become clear according to the degree that I study Kabbalah and work in a group. I understand this, but as far as it seems, in the meantime, my work in a group is not enough. What should I do if I don’t understand what I should be doing in this life and how I can make more money (since in any case it is necessary to earn money for the family and children)?

I suffer because I don’t understand what I want, what my tendencies are, and I don’t know where to go to not make a mistake. I want to do my own thing if I must still work. Sometimes it seems that something is becoming clear, but I ultimately become even more confused. How can I orient myself in all of this?

Answer: It is necessary to provide for the needs of the family first, and then become involved with Kabbalah. A profession must be most useful for both goals!

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