Be Afraid Of Fear


In the News (New York Times): “Climate change is essentially tied with the Islamic State as the most-feared security threat across much of the world — except in the United States, where cyberattacks are considered a greater danger than global warming, according to a Pew Research Center report released on Tuesday.

“Residents of 13 countries ranked climate change as the greatest threat to national security, while in 17 countries the Islamic State was considered a more immediate problem.

“In the United States, however, a gaping partisan divide pushed climate change to third-most severe perceived threat, after ISIS and cyberwarfare. Just 56 percent of Americans surveyed identified global warming as the most serious threat to the country, compared to 71 percent for cyberwarfare and 74 percent for Islamic State attacks.”

Question: What are your thoughts, what should a person fear most? 

Answer: A person is most afraid of fear. He is afraid that he will be gripped by fear and very much wants to avoid this state. And the rest is not important since it is all relative. That’s why we need to fear only the experience of fear and not all those things that stand behind it.

Question: What can we do to not be afraid of fear?

Answer: We need to rise above it, to the level where absolute confidence, freedom, limitlessness, eternity, perfection, and love exists. It is to this level that we need to rise rather than lowering ourselves to the bottomless pit of our consciousness or even worse, our sub consciousness, where rats, snakes, demons, devils, and worms, all those things that devour us exist. Because they all exist only in the experience of fear.

And the experience of fear is only triggered by the unknown, which is intentionally brought on to you in order to get you to rise and reveal the Creator. Because when the Creator is revealed, everything suddenly becomes clear, simple, and calm.

Question: So it turns out that the Creator is intentionally pushing us out of fear?

Answer: Naturally. He creates evil, as it is written in the Torah. The Creator says something like, “And now I will give you more of this and that. Moses, go to your people, they received another portion from Me.” Each time, more and more.

Question: Each time adding more fear?

Answer: Not just fear, but all sorts of problems in order for the people to rise above them and, in partnership with the Creator, turn them into a force propelling them forward.

Question: How are we to rise out of personal fears, out of all of these, as you say, worms, devils, and all those things that eat a person up?

Answer: That’s what the science of Kabbalah is for. We gradually rise along all the 125 steps. The Creator will constantly be awakening negative feelings, and we must rise above them to Him, our beloved. I only need to know: all that He awakens within me is experienced in my egoism. And if I rise above ego, there I will discover His love and devotion. And with respect to my egoism, I see that the Creator is intent on constantly arousing it with evil, fear, and so on.

Question: In other words, we can say that He hates my egoism and demands for me to rise to Him?

Answer: Naturally.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman” 8/10/17

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