My Thoughts On Twitter, 9/21/17


By rising above the #ego and connecting with others, one cancels borders between everyone, thus canceling borders btwn our and Upper world.

If I begin to treat others like myself, I remove limits and start seeing and attaining beyond the confines of my regular circle. #Israel

To #love is to know how to give another what he lacks, and he can do the same for me. This is the integral mechanism of all humankind.

Our #world is a movie that we must stop playing inside of ourselves! The end of the world is the end of its erroneous perception by man.

The month of #Elul (repentance) is when one wants to be in the right connection with everyone, to do what they need! #shanatova #jewish

#RoshHaShanah—the “everything for me” attitude gives the sensation of this world. If I aim at bestowal, in that I sense the Upper world.

#ShanahTovah The New Year is new realization that the real self is everyone else. And what I used to deem my “self” is the ego, my enemy!

From Twitter, 9/21/17

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