The Main Goal Of The Last Generation

 Comment: The short notes written by Baal HaSulam about the last generation raise a lot of questions: What is the last generation, how can it be achieved, what steps should we take on the way to it, and so on?

Answer: It is true. After all, we have already reached this state, and today we see its formation. Therefore, it is very interesting for us to understand Baal HaSulam as deeply as possible, although it is quite difficult to open his short notes and create general, fundamental, and serious impressions about the generation we are entering.

This is not Generation X, Z, or Y but something different that cannot be defined by different Pokemon or things like that. It is absolutely different in terms of a person’s mind, his way of thinking, and his vision of the world. A person will see everything from within himself with different eyes.

Baal HaSulam looks forward not linearly, like historians or philosophers, but through the upper spheres, claiming that the revelation of the Creator will become the main goal of the new society. This is exactly what people will be doing because machines will do the rest of the work. This already is starting to manifest today.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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