How To Have Time

laitman_939_02Question: Everyone has already noticed for some time how time flies very quickly. I would like to know what our priorities should be in our learning and advancement.

Answer: Indeed, time flies very quickly. But we can develop even faster, not materially as in our world, but spiritually, if we are, like little children,  obey what the Kabbalists say without any criticism. It all depends on us.

Gather together in a group, try to achieve unity and mutual concern among yourselves, which is how you will have one and only one desire for spirituality. Connect within this desire and dissolve within it. And then through the point that is found on the other side of the ego, you will feel the upper world, the higher power. This is what you must discover.

Unity between us the opportunity to “penetrate” through the boundary between our world and the spiritual world. Forward movement is only through the unity between us. Realization is always internal, in an emotional connection between us.
From the talk at a videoconference with the Learning Center students, 5/21/17

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