How To Achieve Love?

laitman_572_02Question: How can we achieve love in practice?

Answer: If you make efforts and see that you cannot do anything, you are reminded of the Creator and that He must help. When you turn to Him, you see how He arranges everything. This way the love for the Creator will come to you.

You will begin to see that He has prepared all the obstacles for you, all the problems and troubles, with such love, devotion, and care. You will start feeling love for the Creator because “love will cover all sins.” After all, you will see that He has never done you any harm.

When love is revealed and covers all evil, you see that evil has never existed. It only seemed to you that this problem existed, and now you see that it does not. It had to be this way so that you could reveal love.

This also happens in our world. Sometimes you argue with someone—say, with your wife. You are burning with anger! And then you make up, and it seems to you that everything that happened was just a folly and there was nothing important in it. And then you ask yourself how could you want to leave and divorce over such a little thing.

That is life. But what have you attained? You attained that everything that happened was as if unreal and now you are enjoying intimacy even more. This does not teach you too much for the future, so sometimes you will argue again.

That is, if we treat what is happening to us in our lives, our family, and any other place in such a way that it comes to us from the Creator so that we learn to cover everything with love, we will see a completely different life.
From the Convention In Brazil “Day Two” 4/30/17, Lesson 9

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