Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 7

laitman_947One For The Sake Of Together And Together For The Sake Of One

Question: Do you like to be alone or surrounded by other people?

Answer: I like to be alone. But I have a goal that is very important to me, and for its sake, I leave my room and come to people. As a result, it turns out that throughout a year, I fly around the globe.

Question: What is the use of being alone?

Answer: Alone I can develop individually: read books and articles. I absorb the sources, work on the material, and analyze the phenomena personally, so that no one interferes.

But beyond that, I have to go outside to communicate with other people because there is a goal that obliges me. The more I give them and help them, the more I can absorb from them. It is written: “I learned from all my students.” In fact, to the extent that I want to convey my knowledge and all the good to them, through the same channel, I get their impressions that teach me.

It turns out that mutual communication begins between us: I teach my students and I learn from them; that is, I become a student. This approach is possible with respect to any area of human life. The time has come when we must communicate with each other in such form; this is called the era of the Messiah, the last generation.

Question: What is the correct relationship between being alone and interconnected with other people?

Answer: Everyone should feel the right relationship individually, as the saying goes: “The soul of man will teach him.” He will feel that he is obliged to go outside, spread his knowledge, help others, and also receive from them. A person realizes that he needs a new kind of connection.

Question: Where will mankind of the 21st century go: to solitude or to be together?

Answer: In the 21st century, there will be both. Above all individuals there must be another layer that covers everything, where we are together. That is, there will be complete harmony: loneliness for the sake of unity and unification for the sake of individuality, one for the sake of together and together for the sake of one. Between these concepts there will be no contradiction, only mutual support.

Now we see that these concepts are in contradiction—a man secludes himself and does not want communication. That is, the one principle still collides with the principle of together. But when we get to the critical state in this matter, humanity will start looking for a way out, a method for uniting people, which nature requires of us.

Otherwise, nature is out of balance and we await climatic catastrophes and wars. People will be unable to build families and live together. The face of the generation will become very cruel because it will be incapable of uniting the two principles together: individuality and unity. And then, people will want to learn the methods of unification that Kabbalah offers.

Question: How can a person check what is at the point of equilibrium?

Answer: Balance is a harmony between these two areas in which a person will feel how nature is revealed before him. He will open his eyes to a new dimension. Inside the combination of these two layers: individuality and complete unification, a new world is revealed to him where all opposites unite and replenish each other.

Question: Will a man of the future be an individualist?

Answer: The whole individuality of the future man will be designed to support one man, that is, a common system united as one man. The individuality of each will be expressed in that it will include everyone.

Question: That is, he will not care about personal benefits, but about the benefits of society?

Answer: The personal benefits of each will be inseparable from the benefits of society. We will all feel like one man, as the supreme power that unfolds within all of us, filling us with mutual bestowal and love and revealing the higher reality to us.

I wish for us to achieve this kind of life as quickly as possible!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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