Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 6

laitman_942Better Together or Apart?

Question: Is the right connection built on the contradiction with the natural desire of a person to unite with his or her own kind and including people as different from others as possible?

Answer: It’s like playing the lottery, and here we need to rely on fate. Fate is in the hands of the upper force that arranged that we meet and have the opportunity to unite in a group.

It has long been known that unity gives great strength, but this is a special case. In this group, all are connected together in one system, all are directed to one goal, and each one nullifies himself for the benefit of the group, as if in a commando unit. This is a completely different method, compared to the usual connection adopted in our world.

In order to do this, we need to build a new educational system that teaches how to connect above separation. We need to know what we unite for and how, what the nature of each and every one is, and in what form we can connect. And most importantly, we reveal the power of mutual bestowal, not the power of egoistic connection to win over someone else.

The power we gain is not egoistic, but altruistic. This is a different approach, a different goal, and everything is different.

Question: Which is better: to be together or to be alone?

Answer: If this is a bad society of drug addicts or criminals, then it’s certainly better to be alone. If the society is good, then it is preferable to be in the society.

Question: Why does research speak about the benefits of loneliness?

Answer: Because we cannot provide a good society for a person, and then, of course, it is better to be alone. In the past, loneliness was beneficial for human development, but today it is caused by the fact that a person flees from society. Therefore, this kind of loneliness is negative.

As a child, I loved spending time alone, reading one book after another, bookshelf after bookshelf . But today’s loneliness among young people is different because nature demands a completely different kind of involvement from us.

My peers felt an inner need to play, walk, and do sports together. And a completely different thing is required from today’s generation: to connect together above their egoism, while preserving the individuality of each one.

Egoism pushes us away from connecting with each other, and people do not want to leave their house or to be connected with someone. And at the same time, nature presses on us and demands connection. As a result, a person feels split.

And here comes the method suggested by Kabbalah, which allows us to balance the two tendencies: the requirement of nature to unite and the separation we feel. They both come from nature.

Inside, a person remains himself and develops individually according to his inclinations: a musician, a writer, or a football player. But nature obliges us all to be within one sphere, one force that connects us, and we need to learn how to do this without encroaching on anyone’s individuality.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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